Bianconi Sporting Center Norcia 4 star hotel

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Eating in Norcia - Bianconi Ospitalità restaurants in the centre of Norcia

We like providing hospitality at all levels and do so with real enthusiasm. Our origins lie in catering and in effect, historically, we were innkeepers.
For over 30 years we have been working in the world of sport: we aid and support the diets proposed to us by the doctors of the various clubs and federations very scrupulously. Nutrition is fundamental in the world of sport and Norcia, in this respect, is the ideal place, thanks to the district’s distinctive features, to find countless solutions for special, carefully calibrated diets.

All the products used in our restaurants are of local origin and specially selected: black truffle, Castelluccio lentils, beans, spelt, chickpeas, Chianina beef, lamb, rabbit, white meats, hams, cheeses and honeys reflect, in extreme summary, the district and its offering.
In addition, once again with a view to assuring the utmost readiness and willingness, in the restaurant we can arrange either for table or buffet service or a combination of the two (for example: vegetables at the buffet, first and second courses served at table, and then back to the buffet for fruit or desserts).


Our restaurants are:

Granaro del Monte

In Hotel Grotta Azzurra, the oldest restaurant of Umbria, classified as a national monument. Traditional cuisine linked to local products.



In Palazzo Seneca, one of the top five restaurants of Umbria. Refined gourmet cuisine, always linked to typical local products with touches also coming from some international products.


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