Bianconi Sporting Center Norcia 4 star hotel

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Bianconi Hospitality (Ospitalità) services – Sporting Center, Norcia

Sporting Center near Perugia, in Norcia - Bianconi Sporting Center - sport in Umbria



With a simple telephone call you will find the answers to all your needs: hotel availability, use of sports facilities, planning of meals with dedicated menus, theme evenings, and planning of transfers between locations.
Among the numerous services with which we can support the organization of your event, sports retreat, gathering or tournament in the Norcia area, we can list:




In order to simplify the organization of events, tournaments and other occasions, we have equipped ourselves with an extensive fleet of vehicles: 1 50-seater coach, 2 16-seater minibuses, 1 9-seater minibus, 1 6-seater minibus, 2 6-seater cars and 1 luxury car for special transfers.


Support for friendly matches and competitions

Depending on the times of year and the sports season underway, we can put you in contact with the various sports clubs present in the area to help you organize friendly matches and competitions.



If you need referees for your friendly match, tournament or gathering, we can give you the telephone numbers of the local committees, together with direct contacts.


Corporate and amateur tournaments

With professionals of the sector, we can help you organize sports events, tournaments or other occasions, drawing up calendars for matches, rankings, prize-giving ceremonies, and theme-based final parties, etc.


Booking center for large events

The Bianconi Ospitalità booking center can provide a centralized booking service for any event, large or small, also to book facilities that it does not directly own.


Prize-giving ceremonies

We can help you in the choice of material, gadgets, cups, plaques and anything else needed to leave a tangible sign with all those who have participated in the event, tournament or other occasion.



If you would like to end your event with a special evening – theme-based, with a DJ, or an '80s or '90s party, etc. – we are able to support outside staff with our equipment to plan the event and apply for the necessary permits.


Gala and theme evenings

If you want to end your event, tournament or other occasion in an elegant manner, we are at your disposal with our restaurants to plan a gala or theme evening especially for you: mediaeval evenings, gastronomic theme evenings, black truffle, with live classical music or jazz or comedians are just some of the ideas we can propose.


Special systems and scene setting

If your event requires special systems and scene setting, please do not hesitate to contact us. We can support you, both with our own materials and with companies with which we have been working for years, specialized in the major events sector. Dressing of rooms, lighting and audio systems for musical evenings and events.


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