Bianconi Sporting Center Norcia 4 star hotel

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Sports facilities in Norcia - Bianconi Sporting Center


All the facilities of the Salicone Sporting Center of Norcia are located within the grounds of the eponymous hotel, completed fenced to ensure maximum privacy for guests.


Besides an outstanding climate assured by the location in the National Park of the Sibylline Mountains, is undoubtedly the extensive choice of sports facilities and their closeness to each other.


Each outdoor pitch and indoor court has its own changing room appropriate for the number of athletes involved. In addition, based on individual requirements, storerooms are made available to store sports equipment or for other needs, like additional changing rooms, infirmary and other spaces. Inside the Sports Hall an ice-making machine is at the disposal of masseurs and doctors.


Besides the facilities of the Bianconi Sporting Center, Norcia offers an extensive selection of excellent sports facilities, very close to each other and able to be reached conveniently and safely with our shuttle services.


The Salicone Sporting Center is the point of reference in Norcia and, more generally, in the Umbria region, for the organization and management of your sports events.


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