Bianconi Sporting Center Norcia 4 star hotel

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Cardio-fitness gym - Bianconi Sporting Center, Norcia (Perugia)

Cardio-Fitness / Body-Building Gym in Norcia - Sporting Center


With its glass walls the cardio-fitness gym overlooks the main pool of the covered swimming pool, even although it has independent heating and air conditioning to ensure the best temperature for training sessions.

The gym is equipped with the latest generation of Technogym cardio-fitness equipment.

It is also possible to perform a series of floor exercises or on the wall bars.


Equipment available in the cardio-fitness gym

• Vertical traction
• Chest press
• Leg press (up to 200 kg)
• Total abdominal
• Leg extension
• Abductor
• Run excite 700 (2 machines)
• Recline excite 700 (2 machines)
• Synchro excite 700
• Wall bars
• Benches
• Various dumbbells

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