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Football pitches in Norcia (Perugia) - Bianconi Sporting Center

Sporting Center Norcia - Football pitch in province of Perugia


Salicone Stadium

The Salicone Stadium is undoubtedly one of the facilities most in demand and most appreciated of the Salicone Sporting Center of Norcia.


An approved full-size football pitch (115 x 58 yards) in natural grass and in excellent condition, the main must-have for the success of a sports retreat for football teams For many years now, the Bianconi Sporting Center’s stadium has been used for practice by top-level Italian and international football clubs, which choose Norcia and Umbria as the location for their overall athletic training.


The pitch is in the grounds of the Sporting Center and can be reached on foot both from Hotel Salicone and from Hotel Palatino, or using the shuttle service from our other facilities. Complete with stands, the Salicone Stadium in Norcia is ideal to play friendly matches and is available for the organization of sports events and retreats


8-a-side Football Pitch – Bianconi Sporting Center, Norcia

Just a very short way away from the Salicone Stadium there is another natural-grass pitch (77 x 44 yards), acting as support for the main pitch or as an independent pitch. Once again located in the grounds of the Best Western Hotel Salicone, this pitch is perfect for tactical training, possession of the ball, goalkeeper training or for those juvenile clubs that plan training ahead of tournaments or championships.


Given its smaller size, which in no way reduces its intrinsic quality, this pitch is equally ideal for amateur matches or corporate tournaments.


Photogallery - Sporting Center Football Pitches

Facilities of the Municipality of Norcia

Norcia also has quality municipal sports facilities, easy to reach with our shuttle services. With your support the Bianconi Hospitality group can handle all requests for assignment of municipal facilities.

Cetronella Pitch

The Cetronella pitch, framed in a superb piece of the Umbrian panorama, is just 984 yards away from our hotels. The camp is full-sized (113 x 72 yards), in natural grass, fully fenced and with extensive zones for aerobic training. It has comfortable, spacious changing rooms for players and staff, an infirmary and storerooms.


The pitch itself is very much appreciated for its drainage and width and for the fantastic panorama given to it by Norcia. The facility is available also for professional and amateur tournaments and for sports events.


Municipal Pitch

The Municipal pitch is the historical stadium of Norcia, full-sized (113 x 73 yards) and in natural grass. From the pitch you can also admire the Umbrian mountains, which provide a cool climate. The stadium’s great merit is the fact of being right outside the walls of Norcia’s historical centre, about 656 yards away from Piazza S. Benedetto, the central square. The stadium has terraces and a separate entrance.


It is the only football stadium in Norcia equipped with floodlighting. It has spacious changing rooms.


Photogallery - Norcia Municipality Pitches

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